Life is about choices.
Each day you wake up you can choose to be in a good mood or bad mood.
I choose to be in a good mood.

Each time something negative happens,
you can choose to be a victim or you can choose to learn from it.
I choose to learn from it.

Be positive, always.

I was born in the Bronx on December 19, 1954. My first fishing experience was on the Long Island Sound as a young boy fishing with cousins for flounder, fluke and striped bass.   At age 14, I moved to Pennsylvania where the great outdoors became my sanctuary and it was here, I learned to hunt, fish and respect nature. 
Years later after having settled in Sacramento, CA., I had the opportunity to work in Kauai.  I was in Kauai from 1992-‘94 and it was there I began bass fishing.  During my long hours on the water I applied the self-taught methods I culled from reading fishing magazines and watching fishing programs on TV.
I returned to Sacramento in 1994. One day I walked into Fisherman’s Warehouse and inquired about bass fishing in the area. It was here that I met Alan Fong. Emboldened with my Kauai self-taught bass experience, I naively challenged Alan with a bet – who ever caught the least fish would pay the other $1 per fish.  At the day’s end, I owed Alan $120.00!  
In 1994 -’95, Alan hooked me up with one of the west’s premier anglers, Leroy Bertolero, to continue my apprenticeship. Unbeknown to me, Leroy and Alan were grooming me to be Leroy’s co-angler.  In 1997 they said I was ready for my first major tournament, the west’s top circuit, WON Bass.  The tournament was held in Lake Shasta.  Armed with my custom handmade G-Loomis poles (made by Alan Fong) and with the knowledge gained from Leroy and Alan, I won my first championship as a co-angler. 
In1998 opportunity knocked once again.  At a WON Bass partner pairings for the Delta tournament, I was partnered with Mike Folkestad, the “Icon of the West” whom I now refer to as “The Great One”.  As the Delta was my home fishing ground, I was able to show Mike a thing or two about bass fishing on the Delta.  At the end of our first day together, he thanked me and asked if he could call on me so he could come back to Sacramento to practice fishing the Delta together.  We fast became good friends and I became his co-angler and practice partner. Under Mike’s tutelage, I completed the ‘90’s with several top 10 finishes and qualified for two circuit championships.

During 2001 –’03, I did not compete. I moved to Oregon and in 2004, I eased back into competitive fishing through the Oregon Bass Federation tournaments. At the end of the season I was ranked 17th in the state.  In 2005, I called Mike to say that I was ready, once again, to hit the tournament trail and if he would consider me as his co-angler and practice partner.  Mike’s reply was, “Welcome back.”

The 2005 season started. I fished the Bass Master Western Opens as a co-angler with a good friend and accomplished professional angler, Steve Geffs.  I finished in the top 25%.  This qualified me for the national championship. That same season, I was back with my mentor Mike and fished two of the four FLW Stren Western Division Tournaments.  Mike spent countless hours with me during pre-fish, continuing to work with me on my fishing techniques. At the end of the season, (fishing only two of the four events) I finished in the top third. (Thank you Mike).

As the 2006 season started, I focused totally – mind, body and soul – on the FLW Stren Western Division circuit.  Spending hours of TOW (time on water) pre-fishing by myself and with Mike Folkestad, I achieved my greatest accomplishment thus far.  I finished 5th in the point standings and qualified for the FLW Stren Championship. I missed being “Angler of the Year” by 77 points.

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