Monday, April 18, 2011


It felt awesome to be back on the Delta - especially this time of year. The expectations were high and I wasn’t let down. Mike, Tami and I had a real good pre-fish and as the days grew closer to the tournament, the fish seemed to get bigger.

On Day 1, I drew Rich Thiel . Unfortunately he was a last minute entry – and didn’t have time to pre-fish. He’s a local guide on the Delta so we just went fishing. We hit a lot of key areas where he thought the fish would be, but for some reason we just weren’t getting bit. We put 2 fish in the boat early in the morning. It’s now 1:30 pm and we still only have 2 fish. He took us to a stop that paid off. By the time we left, we had our limit. It was a small limit, but we were happy to bring 10.32 pounds to the scale.

On Day 2, I drew JR Taylor a seasoned veteran pro. He was on a crankbait bite which was fine. I followed up behind him with a D&M Sniper 1 ounce Bluegill Blade. We kept coming up with short fish and we were praying it was only a matter of time before the big ones bit. We caught fish throughout the day, but only managed to bring in 11.43 pounds.

When it was all said and done I ended up in 42nd place. I would like to thank my 2 Pro’s for working real hard trying to get us a big sack .

My baits of choice for this tournament were the 5 and 6” Senko, using the Rev Rig and the Nail Rig, a 1 ounce D&M Sniper blade Bluegill color, and a Fat Bass custom color 6” worm.

It was a good tournament – we just didn’t get the big bites that I was getting during our pre-fish. I’d like to thank WON Bass for putting on an exceptional tournament. Billy Egan and his staff did a wonderful job as everything ran as smooth as can be.

Fish on,


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