Saturday, January 22, 2011


I arrived approximately 6 days ahead of time to hook up with Mike Folkestad and Tami Curtis, my practice partners. The prefish started off slow as we were concentrating on the main body, Backbone, and areas by the dam. On those particular days fishing was really slow. Next we spent a couple of days fishing the Sacramento Arm and again, I only managed to catch 2-3 bass a day in those aforementioned areas. It wasn’t until we worked our way up the arms of the major rivers, The Pit, The Squaw, and The McCloud that we started to catch numbers. We averaged 7-71/2 pounds a day up there and the fishing held up right through the WON Bass tournament.

On Day 1 of the WON Bass tournament, I drew Izzy Byrd and he proceeded to throw the Iz-Rig all day. I threw the D&M Frenzy Jig and your basic dart head with a 5” hand poured Pro Worm. We were both catching fish throughout the day, but the Iz-Rig put 4 of the 5 that we weighed in in the boat. The 5th fish, being caught on the D&M Frenzy Jig. We weighed in 7.19 pounds.

On Day 2, I drew JR Taylor and we proceeded to head up to where he had some water in the lower Pit, and we spent the 1st hour to no avail. I took him a little further up the Pit where I found some water during pre-fish where we spent the remainder of the day. We both were catching fish and we came to the scales with 7.42 pounds.

The baits of choice for both tournaments were the Iz-Rig using a 5” Senko, a ¼ oz. darthead with a 5” hand poured Pro Worm, and the D&M 3/8 oz. Frenzy Jig.

All during prefish and the WON Bass tournament, we targeted our bass between 40 and 60 feet, 50 feet being the magic number. By the time the FLW tournament came around, I’m not sure if the fish moved more shallow, I doubt it, but my Day 1 Pro, John Maes and my Day 2 Pro, Bryan Trudeau, targeted the bank out to 30 feet. On Day 1, I only managed to get 2 bites and bring 2 fish to the scales for a weight of 2.03 pounds and on Day 2, I only managed 1 bite and only brought 1 fish to the scales weighing 1.03 pounds. This put me in 119th place for the finish.

On Day 1, my fish came on the Iz-Rig. On Day 2, my fish came on the darthead. I ended up in 25th place in the WON Bass and 119th in the FLW. Not a great way to start out the year.

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