Friday, January 21, 2011

Lobina Lures Manahls Rx Revealed

Manahls RX revealed: Lobina Lures leaks latest release in Clear Series lineup

  • January 20th, 2011 10:38 pm PT

Following a successful prototype trial of Ricci’s Recipe on the California Delta, Lobina Lures' concept of the Clear Series leaps off the drawing board and comes to life with its next in the line-up, Manahl’s RX.

The much anticipated Clear Series has been added to the Rico topwater family with the insight of “looking at a lure from the inside out.” The transparency of the hard body bait is enhanced by blending with the subtleties of the surroundings.

Fusion with the elements wasn’t the only focus of the Clear Series and the development of the bait did not discount that it still needs to be an attractant. Pro bass angler Andy Manahl has combined the two factors in a delicate balance with his creation of Manahl’s RX, the bleeding shad of the series.

The second in the line to be unveiled, Manahl described his signature lure to be featured in a translucent, bone shade, highlighted by unique attributes such as the clear body center, clear orange mouth, inlaid fleck component and purple inline weights resembling the bloodline of a baitfish.

Discussing his namesake bait, Manahl stated, “It is very life-like with its intricate details, developed with industry leading technology.” Describing the bleeding baitfish replica prototype as “flat out sexy,” Manahl stated he planned to show what it could do at his next tournaments at Roosevelt and the California Delta.

Currently, the Clear Series will be introduced in seven different colors. Thus far, the first of the Clear Series Ricos, Ricci’s Recipe has hit the market and is available for purchase. Manahl’s RX is shown here as a sneak preview and its first public offering will be in February.

Lobina will debut the third Clear Series option, Skeleton Chartreuse in the weeks to come and anxious anglers should see the remaining new Ricos revealed each month through July 2011.


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