Thursday, November 25, 2010


Ricci’s Recipe spawns new line for Lobina Lures: CLEAR SERIES COMING!!!
Article written for the Examiner by Jody Only
(This postby Chris Ricci)

On the heels of the success of the new Rico topwater lure Ricci’s Recipe, Lobina Lures announces their new line for 2011...the Clear Series.

Originally developed by Lobina in a collaborative effort with Bassmaster Classic Qualifier Norio Tanabe of Japan and 4x Bassmaster Classic champ Rick Clunn, the Rico has been luring in big bass for nearly two decades.

This year the popular popper spawned a new creation with the help of Pro Co bass angler, Christopher Ricci.

With a customized Rico lending a hand at reeling in his recent AAA win at the U.S. Open, Ricci sought to bring his version of the Rico to life with a subtle blending of his best bait colors, enhanced with a chameleon-like body.

This idea translated into translucence.

Ricci’s Recipe rocks the new Rico translucent body. This unique concept to the Ricos will boost the bait’s ability to blend into the natural environment. The hard body is transparently tinted with a lime ice back and a lavender shad belly.

Sporting the signature Clear Series smoke back stripe, Ricci’s Recipe is completed with a mylar and white feather Gamakatsu bronze hook.

The recipe was cooked up by Ricci and his mentor, Mike Folkestad with inspiration from their travels to the California Delta and the country’s clear water lakes.

As the idea of Ricci’s clear body lure rocketed other Rico renditions to the Lobina drawing board, fellow FLW fisherman Andy Manahl followed up with his artistic input and the Clear Series was born.

Body colorizations aren’t the only new notion to work its way into the fresh face of the Clear Series Lobina lineup.

While specifics are being closely guarded and are still under wraps, exclusive, unprecedented, cosmetic elements will add to the exciting, new embellishments in the upcoming lure line.

Expanding on the concept of the shades of natural baits the line will feature six more Ricos on Lobina’s Clear Series menu.

Exact names have not been confirmed but anglers can anticipate colors of

* Rainbow Trout
* Golden Shiner
* Manahl’s RX - Bone
* Chrome Shad – Reverse firetiger
* Skeleton Chartreuse
* Blue Chartreuse

While Ricci’s Recipe recently became available to the public in two sizes, Lobina plans to release a new addition to the Clear Series each month beginning January 2011.


Rico 2 3/8”, ¼ oz #6 Gamakatsu Hooks

Rio Rico 2 7/8”, 7/16 oz #4 Gamakatsu Hooks

Get the line on Lobina products at their website.


Basspastor said...

The Ricci Recipe looks good. I will be getting in contact with the people at Lobina, next week after all the holiday hoopla is over.

Michael said...

Looking forward to trying them hearing nothing but good things.