Saturday, July 17, 2010

Night of the Legends

 Harvey Naslund, Morris Jr, Jonny Morris, Ray Scott, Jimmy Houston, Forrest L. Wood
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Thanks to WON Bass Director Harvey Naslund, he pulled off a feat that will probably not be repeated in my lifetime.  He somehow managed to gather the greatest legends in the sport of the bass fishing industry.  It started with a happy hour paid for by the infamous Jonny Morris, owner and founder of Bass Pro Shops.  After happy hour an eloquent dinner was served to one and all as the audience proceeded to listen to the emcee who was none other than Jimmy Houston.  One by one he introduced the legends.  Each legend was accompanied by a featured video of their life and times.  The legends included  Forrest L Wood founder of Ranger Boats, Ray Scott founder of B.A.S.S. (Bassmasters), Darrell Lowrance who brought sonar to the sport of bass fishing, Jonny Morris owner and founder of Bass Pro Shops and Tracker Marine, a stand-in (Donn Lee) for Cotton Cordell made it possible to run and gun with his quality mass produced series of crank baits.  My personal favorite legends of the sport of bass fishing also attended and were honored, they included Mike Folkestad 3-time US Open Champion, Jimmy Houston, Hank Parker, and Roland Martin.

These legends were so personable that pictures and autographs were abundant, and they did it with such grace, pleasure and always with a smile on their face.

I'm going to wrap up by saying, "I had to dry my eyes several times due to the passion both on stage and in the room for our sport...professional bass fishing".

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Tami Curtis, Ray Scott, Mike Folkestad, Chris Ricci
Tami Curtis, Forrest L. Wood, Nina Wood, Mike Folkestad (backrow...Chris Ricci)

 Chris Ricci and Jimmy Houston

 Andy Manahl, Mr. and Mrs. Hank Parker, Chris Ricci, Tami Curtis

 Mike Folkestad and Harvey Naslund
Chris Ricci, Tami Curtis, Jonny Morris

 Jimmy Houston and Tami Curtis


Basspastor said...

Great photo's Chris!!!

Coloradocasters said...

Legends and one or two of my heroes right there. Hank Parker has to be about the nicest guys on the planet. You hang with an impressive crowd indeed. =)

Chris Ricci said...
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Chris Ricci said...

they are all heroes in my book. Thanks guy's for sharing.